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  2. mojov said: Wish I could join ya! Never stop!
  3. littlestarryflower said: This makes me so happy! You are much too great my friend.
  4. mirandaraesa said: my god i love you
  5. spiritrealmer said: my man!! getting down! Please tell me the name of this song!
  6. neuroticjellybeans said: brazillian lounge jazz yes remi ur doin it right
  7. inanu said: luv u
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    i love him lol
  9. cavebreath said: Damn that song is fire, who is it?
  10. boringerik said: Who is this man and why isn’t he my messiah.
  11. handsthatmold said: i love you so much! (8
  12. cosmic-charley said: omg. i love you ! :D you look so happy !!! love this vid.
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